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Heckwasser unseres Dragonfly 28 Sport Trimarans beim Auslaufen aus Portopiccolo





Just as a passionate mountaineer has the desire to conquer a very special mountain, experienced charter sailors also have the desire to experience something special.


That's a good thing! Because we make it possible!

Evening atmosphere at the buoy with our trimaran Dragonfly 28 Sport

How many people make sense for day trips?

For relaxed daily sailing, we recommend no more than 5 people on board.

Can a family tour with it?

In the bow cabin ("princess cabin") there is enough space for 2 adults to sleep. In the rear cabin (sea bear cave) it is a little tighter, but people who like each other can sleep well as a couple. There would then be a place to sleep in the salon (caretaker suite).

What etmals can I expect?

Sure, a trimaran can sail fast. Unfortunately, the ideal conditions necessary for this are not available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Therefore, you shouldn't aim for too much. Assume that you can sail relaxed when others are driving with a motor.

Can I improve sailing skills?

The majority of our guests are very good and ambitious sailors. Many have their own boats on the lake or in other areas. Nevertheless, not everyone has sailed a trimaran.

We are therefore convinced that everyone can learn something new for normal sailing life.

Is the boat suitable for touring?

The boat is suitable for tours lasting several weeks. We have toilet, cockpit shower, refrigerator, gas stove, solar panels, a water heater and a gas heater for cold or damp days. In addition, a cake stall and the trampolines expand the limited living space below deck.

What is the realistic maximum occupancy?

We recommend 3 to a maximum of 4 people, otherwise there will be too little storage space for luggage.

Will I sail in double digits?

Experience has shown that every guest can enjoy sailing at over 10 knots in a week. Unfortunately we cannot give a guarantee for this ;-)

Which expectations are guaranteed not to be met?

Anyone who has the same expectations in terms of space and luxury as a standard mass charter boat is in the wrong place here.

For fast, exciting sailing, low weight and a small wetted area are just as important as a sporty sailing wardrobe.

We can always offer sporty sailing adventures with living space for up to 4 people.

Can I also sail the boat with two people?

The DF 28 SPORT is easy to sail for 2 people. The harbor maneuvers are also very easy for a small crew.

How much luggage can I take with me?

We recommend a maximum of 1 medium-sized sailing bag per person. Due to the pronounced V-shaped design of the main hull, storage space is limited.

Is trimaran sailing dangerous?

The boat is an extreme piece of sports equipment and has characteristics that normal, careful sailors can easily master with the appropriate training.

An experienced skipper or training completed with us is the basis for a safe sailing experience.

How flexible are you in your charter operations?

We want to offer you an exceptional sailing experience in every respect.

We are therefore very flexible in designing your trip. Just click on the request button and give us a few  first guidelines known. We will take care of the rest after consultation. 

We will also offer you an extraordinary sailing experience in a class of its own.

Let yourself be surprised!


...we then cleared out our things sadly, spending a few more days with DON CANGREJO was very tempting. We will definitely do it again.

Dragonfly 28 Sport an der Boje vor Rovinj

"This sailing week was completely inspiring for me! Thank you so much that we, Conni, Raimund and I, were able to have this fascinating sailing experience! Sailing with the Dragonfly is a lot of fun, even in wind speeds at which monohull yachts have engines. Conni wants to do it again charter with you, especially me!"

Christof L. ANSFELDEN, AUSTRIA, June 17, 2022
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