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Fast as the wind: DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT

Sailing can be enjoyable on any boat, but some never let go.
The DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT offers ultimate sailing fun with easy
handling and is made for sporty skippers who prefer to sail tours with double-digit knots.

What our guests say

Really fun sailing so fast. Linda and me had been with our two small kids (1 and 5 years) on board. Even in stronger conditions the Tri “Don Congrejo” was sailing very comfortable with a speed of 14 knots. The kids were playing in the saloon during 6 Beaufort. Ernst Schacherl helped us at any time a lot to find out every technical detail with his hotline. Ernst is very polite with his Austrian charme. The boat was in perfect condition. My recommendation to charter this boat. Christian Kellner 4 x German Master Dyas class European Master Joker class Winner Eurocup 505 Professional Skipper - Christian Kellner

- Christian Kellner

What a blast! Thank you so much for everything. We enjoyed first-class trimaran sailing with Ernst, who impressed us as an exceptional human and skipper with enormous knowledge and charme.

- Miriam & Werner

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip that we had. The boat is just lovely, and is in fantastic condition. She is fitted with all the extras one could require, and all of the highest quality.

- Hugo

Brilliant days again, funny and instructive! Everything worked perfectly, even handling the Gennaker in twos was no problem. Many thanks!

- Thomas

I still live off the gorgeous days aboard your Dragonfly. I watch my video with misty eyes. I became speed addicted currently tinkering to book a further week.

- Hannes

Many thanks for these two days with lived seamanship. I am all the more delighted to be able to sail your boat!

- Oliver

Highly recommended! Sailing with Ernst was a fantastic experience! I would recommend it to anybody interested in getting to know or willing to practice trimaran sailing. Ernst is an excellent teacher. He has a real Dragonfly expertise. Don Cangrejo is in mint condition, well equipped, with new sails. Best of all, Ernst is a very enjoyable sailing companion

- Richard

Six days with Don Cangrejo at the Adriatic Sea -what a great time! Even in low winds we achieved unexpected high speed. Unforgettable the moment when hoisting the Gennaker sliding definitely into thrill of speed.

- Benjamin S.

Grado-Venice in May with "Don Cangrejo"- a sporty sailing pleasure, also with little wind- complemented by an excellent charter service and top organization by "Don Ernesto" and his team!

- Uschi & Erich

“...reluctantly and with a heavy heart we were packing our things together. The taste to go on for another few days with DON was very, very big. We will certainly catch up on that.”

- Beatrix

„I have to say that we fully enjoyed the weekend at the Attersee! We were cruising the lake in marvelous sunshine. It was certainly also fun for Don Cangrejo.”

- Florian W

„We have spent really fantastic days. For next year we need to know possible dates for your boat well in advance…”

- Manfred und Sabine

„Great skipper, super boat, excellent sailing day!”

- Thomas W.

Once we got the gennaker out, the log displayed double-digit figures. After tacking the wind allowed for the code zero, the log jumped at 16.2 knots and we had a stern wash similar to that of a motorboat.

- Hubert P.

„Not least because of your extensive and humorous briefing we looked forward to a great sailing day. Although initially the wind kept rather aloof, we were gathering such a speed that all other sailing boats gazed at us with a certain amount of envy – it looked as if we were anchoring in the middle of the lake. Hubert und Martin perfectly optimised the adjustments of the sails so that I, as the helmsman, had an easy job and only needed to look at the boats ahead while we were literally flying across the water. Thank you that I was allowed to navigate your incredible boat more than 40 miles during this unforgettable afternoon.”

- Leo M

In most cases there was too less wind and we had to go under motor. This is not the case on DRAGONFLY. Even the lightest breeze moves this trimaran to unbelievable speed. Never more motoring!

- Horst (Cruising Sailor)

A crazy experience, when the boat accelerates lifting one wing.

- Sebastian, (former) novice

Never more get out of the large and cosy foremost bed.

- Victoria (Fan)

The first time I didn’t feel sea sick. (At her debut, after a 30 knots bora ride from Venice to Grado)

- Elisabeth Schacherl (Skipper's Lady)

Ballerina, good-looking and light-footed! As fast as the wind, athletic to the last fiber. Dedicated for people, who enjoy faster tacking than others straight under motor. Requires sailor‘s affection.

- Erich Kneidinger (Cruising Sailor)

Unexpected comfortable, accelerates like my motorbike, extremely fast, endless fun! Sir Crab is damn fast!

- Toni Langerweger (Regatta Sailor)

As light as a feather to control, in the harbour so slim, unforgettably easy sailing!

- Karoline Mair (Cruising Sailor)

Don Cangrejo flies with high speed over the waves. Never more a keel under the ship!

- Alois Zeininger (Cruising Sailor)
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