Sailing a trimaran is not more difficult than a monohull. It’s just a little different in a few (important) ways. That is why bare boat charter is only possible after a training.

Prerequisite is that you are an experienced skipper of mono- or multihulls.

For DRAGONFLY newcomers the training day is not only sparkling start but the key to unforgettable bareboat sailing days. This training provides you with a comprehensive briefing and teaches you the ropes of the specific DRAGONFLY sailing techniques. The training is provided in English, German or Italian.

For each sailing manoeuver both the charter manual and the checklists provide helpful information. When the booking is made you will receive both documents for preparation.

The training includes the following sections:

  1. Security instruction
  2. Operation of the swing wing system
  3. Maneuverings under motor, take off- and mooring, anchoring
  4. Operation of the centre board and rudder kick-up systems
  5. Sailing and trim tips
  6. Sailing with asymmetrical spinnaker and code zero

We assume that our training -together with the boat specific sailor’s manual – is the reason for problem free bareboat charters our high-performance trimarans for four years so far.

After the subsequent problem free DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT bare boat charter you become ‘DRAGONFLY CERTIFIED SKIPPER’ means you can undertake future bareboat charters aboard our DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT trimarans by immediately setting sails.

If you don’t want to charter bareboat you can book our 3 days training tour as an alternative way to become ‘DRAGONFLY CERTIFIED SKIPPER’.

In case you don’t have a crew we invite you to participate on our cost saving specials.

Naturally, grave mistakes aboard the major trimaran DRAGONFLY 35 ULTIMATE would cause severe consequences.

Because of that, our DRAGONFLY 35 ULTIMATE is currently only available for Skippered Charter und Training Voyages.