Dragonfly Training – the key to unforgettable sailing days

Sailing a trimaran is not more difficult than a monohull. It’s just a little different in a few, however, decisive ways.

Therefore, for new DRAGONFLY enthusiasts, trimaran training is not only a sparkling start, but also the key to unforgettable – sailing days. You will become a ‘DRAGONFLY CERTIFIED SKIPPER’ and can set sail immediately on further DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT charters. It takes place in the Gulf of Trieste and lasts 1-3 days. You can either use your first charter day or book separately.

The only requirement is that you already have experience with single or multi-hull boats.

Why Trimaran Training?

A keel yacht will firstly compensate gusts by heeling and you feel that it is time to reef. A trimaran converts gusts into acceleration and thus reduces the apparent wind. In order not to miss the reefing, we do this proactively according to the reefing table.

In gusts keel yachts are often luffed beyond the wind edge to reduce the pressure. This reflex would be fatal in our case by the centrifugal force generated. Instead, we ease the main! Reaching we bear away, thus accelerating and reducing the apparent wind!

At anchor we sway more than keel yachts. We keep more distance to other anchoring vessels and reduce our sway circle by a pridle and a second anchor!

Perfect harbour manoeuvres are different in our case due to the low displacement, straight outer edges, the Amas standing back astern and the lack of wheel effect.

Over and above there are beneficial DRAGONFLY- features as SWING WING, CENTERBOARD- AND RUDDER KICK-UP, which must be handled correctly in order to prevent damages.

Details of the Trimaran Training

The training includes a structured introduction to Dragonfly-specific sailing:
1. Security instruction
2. Operation of the swing wing system
3. Operation of the centre board and rudder kick-up systems
4. Maneuverings under motor
5. Docking and leaving finger pier, wood dolphins, moorings
6. Anchoring with pridle
7. Sailing practice with emphasis on reefing and trimming
8. Sailing with asymmetrical spinnaker and code zero

Sailing manual and checklists

This training is based on the sailing manual and checklists for each manoeuvre. Together with the booking confirmation you will receive both documents for preparation.

Sailing manual

Reading sample

Got curious?

Do you aim to fully master the DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT from day one? Book the training directly with the owner!