The Project

Since 1985 I have been fascinated by the Danish Dragonfly Trimarans. The key incidence for my passion was triggered by the double victory gained at the „Round Britain Race“ by the Danish Quorning brothers under weather conditions so dramatic that numerous houses in Scotland were deprived of their roofs. In the light of Beaufort 8 and wave heights of 8 meters their victory was even more fascinating as they sailed with the smallest boats of the competition.

For decades, however, it remained just a dream of mine to sail such a boat. Lacking both time and money, I could by no means afford it. Unfortunately, yard owner Jens Quorning did not let his boats out of his hands offering them for charter.

While the Danish multihull pioneers have been aiming to perfection, I, on the one hand, was satisfying my yearnings for the sea by sailing with conventional charter boats, on the other hand, I was living up to my need for speed with passionate windsurfing. When, in 2009, Jens created the „European Yacht Of The Year Dragonfly 28“ which was both seaworthy and trailerable, I could hardly resist anymore.

It was eventually in 2012 when Quorning Yard offered a Bareboat Charter at the Baltic Sea. I immediately booked it and could only get a rainy and cold September slot. My crew and I who were all spoiled by the sunny Mediterranean Sea were highly compensated though given the features of the boat. We were surprised by the easy handling, the proficient cutting of the waves and the high speed of this beauty. Already in January 2013 we were all longing for a repetition. However, we were only offered a time slot in October.

That awoke me! 

Since the Dragonfly charter offer was already overbooked in this rather hostile environment, the question of how attractive it might be in fair weather conditions was even more pressing for Mid-Europeans.

I succeeded in convincing Jens of providing me with his brand and charter concept to be used for my own company. On 15 August I took over a fully equipped “Dragonfly 28”, however, the hot version “Sport“ with a high performance rig -by the way, after persuading the reserved Dane to furnish his boat with hot water supply handy for both showering and washing the dishes, I enjoy  the first Dragonfly 28 with hot water. The remaining summer and autumn I took advantage of familiarizing myself with the boat sailing in the Baltic Sea, Austrian Attersee and the Adriatic Sea. I now look forward to sharing it with you.

Welcome on board!

The hot „DON CANGREJO“ can be booked from the launch at the exhibition “BOOT 2014”( 18 to 26 January in Düsseldorf) onwards.

Ernst Schacherl