2015 – groovy and memorable!

Our second charter year 2015 turned out superb. We crossed five seas during 106 days. Among the 5500 travelled nautical miles beach fashion was the suitable clothing throughout 5000 miles. After several weeks in the North Adriatic Sea our guests discovered the fabulous paradise of the Croatian islands while sailing down to the Ionian Sea.


At midsummer they circumnavigated the „Italian Boot” via Sicily, visiting Calabria, the Pontine Islands, Rome as well as the Tuscan Archipelago, Corsica and Sardinia. At fall a two weeks trip to the Balearic Island was undertaken, before returning to Sardinia and Corsica and afterwards enjoying Elba and Cinque Terre.


At All Souls’ Day we took our DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT out of the water and from south of Livorno we brought her back to our dry winter quarters in Aquileia.


Our membrane sails, which have always been most sparkling because of their power, suffered from the merciless Mediterranean summer sun which is why we replaced them by new Elvstrom racing sails with best possible UV protection. By doing so, we succeeded in making Don Cangrejo available at peak form in the upcoming spring.


With the aim of no longer having to refuse bookings, a second DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT – Doña Cangreja – is now at your disposal from March 2016 on. You may reserve it via www.dragonflycharter.eu at the owner Ernst Kern. At our homepage you will find information and considerations to our current sailing areas.


Welcome aboard!


Ernst & Ernst