What do 100% repeaters tell us?

In our first charter year 2014, 44 unanimously impressed guests became acquainted with Don Cangrejo throughout 14 weeks and 3000 nautical miles. While this time last year we did not have one single booking, we already have a booking level of 50% for the 2015 season.

This is more than we dared to hope. We are particularly happy that 100% of our charter guests of 2014 want to come back!

Although our DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT is far from a lethargic castrate charter boot moreover mainly ordered with Gennaker and Code Zero, it did not suffer any damage throughout the season.

Maybe, this was due to the surprising fact that we had only skippers on board that own(ed) boats by themselves. What is more, a number of skippers came already with DRAGONFLY experiences gathered with Quorning Boats ApS in Denmark.

This positive result is encouraging us to push ahead and seize every chance to become even better- even with trivial things. Our guests point us in the right direction be it in terms of service, location, charter manual or equipment.  We shall make every effort to make your sailing experience safer, easier and more pleasant.

Feel free to look it up from May on 😉