Sails and Sailing

Maren is a very fast, comfortable yacht. It features:

  • A diamond-staged carbon mast, 1,50m higher than the touring version, that carries 14m² more sail.
  • 17,5 meters is a long way to raise a 67m2 mainsail. That is when you realize that an electric winch is a good thing.
  • 67m² North Sails 3Dl eight times fully battened mainsail
  • The mainsail has three reef points. Two reefing lines reach to the cockpit.
  • Full ball bearing Ronstan batten cars facilitate hoisting and reefing with ease.
  • Lazy Jack und Lazy Bag ease the stowing.
  • 35m² North Sails 3Dl furling genoa .
  • The bowsprit extended to 1, 50 m allows a  124m² Gennaker, which can be easily hoisted from a sock
  • The 72m² Code Zero of Epex Technora Black is operated by an endless line furling system.
  • Both light breeze sails are stored in the wings.
  • Shortly after introduction,  the Dragonfly 35 received the ‘boat of the year’ award in 2008