Sails and Sailing

We couldn’t agree more with what was written in the „Yachting World” in October 2009 when describing the boat’s performance:
She turned from innocent family saloon into nitrous-fuelled beast…

Already the „TOURING” version sails sometimes faster than the wind, however, “DON CANGREJO” actually takes the notion of „SPORT“ literally. Its added value lies in the high performance rig, as clearly displayed by these facts:

  • The higher, diamond-staged carbon mast wears upwind 7m² more.
  • The 43m² six time fully battened mainsail of Elvsström Epex laminate with Technora Black fibres is controlled from the cockpit by the 1:32 main sheet block and by two 1:4 preventers.
  • The main has three reef points. Two reefing lines reach to the cockpit.
  • Full ball bearing Ronstan batten cars facilitate hoisting and reefing with ease.
  • Lazy Jack und Lazy Bag ease the stowing.
  • The 21m² furling genoa is made of Elvsström Epex laminate with Technora Black fibres as well.
  • The bowsprit extended to 1, 90 m allows a  83m² Gennaker, which can be easily hoisted from a sock
  • The 45m² Code Zero of Epex Technora Black is operated by an endless line furling system.
  • Both light breeze sails are stored in the wings.

In July 2010 the magazine “Yachting Monthly” put the pleasures of sailing this boat in the nutshell:

It’s impossible to travel at such exhilarating speed without grinning.