Going Ashore

Discover lagoons and bays that others fail to visit

With a draught of half a metre when the centreboard and rudder are raised, the trimaran can open up lagoons and bays that would otherwise only be accessible by dinghy. The Honda 15 hp 4-stroke outboard with remote control and electric lift will take you to your destination even in strong tidal currents. The anchor gear is stowed in the amas and the trampolines make anchor manoeuvres comfortable.

Equipment for going ashore

– 1 Delta anchor, 10 kg, galvanised
– 1 Jambo anchor, 8 kg, galvanised
– 1 riding weight, 4kg, lead
– 1 anchor buoy
– 1 anchor ball
– Two 40 meter anchor lines with lead leader
– An inflatable Bombard AX2 Rollup with 12-volt battery compressor and optional Torqeedo Travel 1003S electric outboard with lithium battery