Portopiccolo, Italy – the small harbour with great flair

Year after year, our guests choose PORTOPICCOLO-SISTIANA, the “small harbour with great flair” (© YACHT) as the starting point of their journey. The dreamlike location, quick access and the service offer tailored to our trimarans are decisive. The small luxury marina is so attractive that you would hardly want to leave – would not one of three fully equipped and perfectly maintained DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT boats be waiting for you.

This – northernmost – point of the Adriatic Sea is for most of our clients also the closest and at the same time “so close to heaven” (© YACHT in the Revierreport 16/ 2017). Portopiccolo is only 5 minutes away from the highway exit, from Munich you can drive 5 hours, from Salzburg 4 hours. Trieste Airport (TRS) is 15 minutes away by train, Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) 100 minutes. We will be happy to pick you up from TRS or from the Monfalcone train station.
Portopiccolo is car-free, from the guarded garage P4 in the mountain it is a ground level 50 meters to our Pier B.

Trimaran training in the gulf of trieste

Trimaran training takes place in the Gulf of Trieste with the picturesque ports of Grignano, Trieste, Piran, Izola, Muggia and Grado within reach.

dragonflycharter Revier Piran

The medieval, Mediterranean seaports of Novigrad, and if the winds are favorable, also Rovinj and Pula can be reached in one day. Also the unique experience of entering Venice on your own ship via Grado and Caorle is only 60 nautical miles away.

Revier Rovinj und Pula

6 days Trimaran charter in Istria

A six-day charter allows you to explore Istria’s wonderful west coast, a ten-day cruise to get a taste of the Croatian “1000 island paradise”. In two weeks you will reach the world natural heritage of Kornati and back.

Segeln Kornaten

April – Oktober: Trimaran sailing season at the adriatic sea

Our season runs from the beginning of April to the end of October. During the summer sailing season, the Adriatic Sea is a warm, fair weather and light wind area. You will appreciate the mighty mainsail and the two light wind performance sails. However, thunderstorms and shorter periods of bora are also possible in summer. Therefore, we make sure that you learn to reef with somnambulistic confidence on the introduction day.

Of course, you will find current nautical literature and charts on board. You are welcome to spend the night of arrival or departure on board free of charge. We will pay the mooring fees on the day of arrival and departure and at check-in we will – where possible – be guided by you.

Klimadiagramm Adria

Got curious?

Are you interested in summer sailing with the DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT and the Dolce Vita in beautiful Portopiccolo?