Dragonfly 28 Sport

It is common knowledge among the multihull community that Quorning Yard builds sailing boats that make 20 knots.

What was surprising though was the question posed by the German magazine „Yacht“ when reviewing the DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT. “Is the new trimarane the perfect cruiser?

What was even more surprising was their answering conclusion:

If you like to sail fast and in a sporty way and are able to afford the price, then DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT is in sum the better cruiser. And that`s that.
In the same tone continue further leading yacht magazines.

So, it was just a logical step that the boat won the title „European Yacht of the Year 2009/2010“.

It is worthwhile visiting the website of the yard. Take a look at the videos but note that they can make you addicted.

The best video with an extensive description of our boat can be found here: